APHASIA and LINGUISTICS network in Malaysia and Indonesia

The primary objective of the project is to establish a multidisciplinary team of experts and map the current state of affairs about several aspects related to aphasia in Malaysia and Indonesia. This will include community burden, diagnostic assessment, therapy, rehabilitation, research, education, and advocacy.
The diverse set of disciplines necessary for in-depth investigations of language disorders will be matched by the types of participants ranging from neurologists, speech-language therapists, linguists and experts in experimental psychology.
The project will promote the discussion on aphasia during both a set of activities remotely planned and sessions over 2 days leading to the identification of some urgent topics and possible solutions and more important developing an actionable plan of research in short and long term.


Saturday 24th August 2019
Heriot-Watt Malaysia Putrajaya SR1 (E 1.13-1)

9.00  Introduction and welcome.

9.10 – 9.40 Bernard A J Jap (IDEALAB, CLCG, University of Groningen). Towards identifying dyslexia in Standard Indonesian: the development of a reading assessment battery.

9.40 – 10.10 Mohd Azmarul A Aziz (Cheras Rehabilitaton Hospital, Ministry of Health Malaysia) Aphasia research in Malaysia: Where are we now? 

10.10 – 10.40 Coffee break

10.40 – 11.10 Sajlia Binte Jalil (National University of Singapore). Bilingual assessment and intervention studies for language and cognition in the Singapore population.

11.10 – 11.40 Hiroki Nomoto (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies). Passive subtypes in Malay: their structures, frequencies and diachrony.

11.40 – 12.10 Rogaya Razak (University Kebangsaan Malaysia). Language assessment tools in Malaysia: Malay Preschool Language Assessement Tool (MPLAT). 

12.10 – 12.40 Harwintha Anjarningsih (Universitas Indonesia, Depok). How Indonesian can contribute to theoretical developments in Aphasiology and Neurolinguistics.

12.40 – 13.00 Discussion

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 14.30 Zhi Zhi Diong (University of Queensland). Current management practice of post-stroke aphasia in Malaysia.

14.30- 15.00 Jessica Price (University of Reading Malaysia). Developing a valid Bahasa Malaysia Lexical Proficiency task.

15.00 – 15.30 Wong Tze Peng (University of Nottingham Malaysia). Culture, joint attention and emergence of language in children with autism.

15.30 – 16 Coffee break

16.00- 16.30 Maria Garraffa (Heriot-Watt University) Linguistics and Aphasia. What have we captured so far?

16.30 – 17.30 Short and Long term priorities on language pathologies in Malaysia and Indonesia.

17.30 End of the day