APHASIA Promoting good practices in a linguistically diverse population


The primary objective of the project is to establish a multidisciplinary team of experts and map the current state of affairs about several aspects related to aphasia in Malaysia and Indonesia. This will include community burden, diagnostic assessment, therapy, rehabilitation, research, education, and advocacy. The diverse set of disciplines necessary for in depth investigations of   language disorders will be matched by the types of participants ranging from neurologists, speech-language therapists, linguists and experts in experimental psychology.
The project will promote the discussion on aphasia during both a set of activities remotely planned and sessions over 2 days leading to the identification of some urgent topics and possible solutions, and more important developing an actionable plan of research in short and long term. 


Prof Razak has recently developed the first Malay Preschool Language Assessment Tool (MPLAT). She is Ass. Prof. in Clinical Linguistics and  Founder of the Clinical Linguistics postgraduate program at UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia). She will advice on the vulnerable aspects during acquisition and impairment of the Malay language.

Dr Aziz is a Speech-Language Pathologist, Deputy Head Clinical Research Centre, Ministry of Health Malaysia. He has experience in conducting research on Linguistics aspect in people with aphasia. He will advise on the current research and needs on Aphasia in Malaysia. 

Prof Nomoto is Associate Professor at the School of Language and Culture Studies,Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS). He is an expert on syntactic aspects in some Asian Languages including Malaysian, Indonesian and Balinese. He will inform the creation of linguistics oriented tasks for assessing language in people with Aphasia.

Harwintha has a Master and Ph.D in Clinical Linguistics. She works as a Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia, Depok. 
She will inform on the resources and research going on in Indonesia around Language Pathology.


First AphaAsia Network meeting, Heriot- Watt Malaysia 24th August 2019.