Comprehensive syntactic assessment across the life Span (Synco)

aphasia ageing


Synco is a project for the development of a Comprehensive Syntactic Assessment across the Life Span. It is funded by the Heriot-Watt research internal grant and by the Universita’ G. D’Annunzio Chieti. 

Data collection for the assessment is on going in both English and Italian. It is predicted to develop two versions short and a long, with both paper and digital formats.

The graphic design for the battery is developed by Luigi Ricca,Italian illustrator with an established experience in developing materials for neuropsychological assessments (see previous test on Sentence Comprehension in Italian, Comprendo). 


Alberto Di Domenico

Alberto is Associate Professor in Universita’ G. D’Annunzio Chieti, Italy. He is a cognitive psychologist with an interest in both Language and its ancillary functions. Alberto is an international recognised expert in Ageing mechanisms. He is an active collaborator of the lab with an on going project for a Life Span syntactic assessment.

Karen Martini

Karen is a PhD student at the Universite de Geneva. She is part of the ERC-funded project SynCart.  Together we are developing a extensive syntactic assessment, testing subjects across the Life Span.


2019 Garraffa, Maria (2019) Syntax and Aphasia. Invited seminar Universita’ G. D’Annunzio Chieti, Italy. 9th April.