Our focus is on language development in atypical circumstances, such as children learning a minority language and children with a language impairment. 



We are currently working on implicit language learning in children with Developmental language Disorder (DLD), investigating their syntactic development during Structural Priming trials. Together with Prof Holly Branigan and Dr Moreno Coco, we have completed a series of experiments using structural priming paradigm in preschool children with DLD and obtaining different long term priming effects compared to typical developing children (Garraffa, Coco & Branigan,2014; Garraffa, Coco & Branigan, 2018) .

We also looked at the modelling language learning in DLDc using Bayesian unsupervised models (Coco, Garraffa, Branigan, 2013). The classification performance of our models demonstrates that we can infer the developmental group of a child very accurately with unsupervised model (same as a Binomial Logistic Classifier) introducing the necessity of modelling learning rates of selected structures.


moreo coco

Moreno Coco

Moreno is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at University of East London. He is interested in the cognitive dynamic supporting language learning. You can look at this personal page here:


Holly Branigan

Holly is Professor of Psychology at The University of Edinburgh. Her main interest are grammatical representations  choices during language production and dialogues.


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