maria garraffa


Maria research interests are on Language Pathologies in three major areas: sentence processing in acquired and developmental language disorders, reading abilities in non fluent speakers, language acquisition in second language learners. She is also interested in language acquisition in linguistically deprived contexts, such as speakers of minority languages and sign language, the interplay between input and acquisition of syntax.

Euan Dickson

Euan Dickson

Euan Dickson is our RA working on the Reading in Gaelic project. He is a fluent speaker and writer of the language. He has already adapted psychometric batteries in Gaelic. Euan will contribute developing a reading test, testing both adults and children and delivering events to promote bilaterally and reading in Gaelic.

Partners and collaborators



Holly is Professor of Psychology at The University of Edinburgh. Her main interest are grammatical representations choices during language production and dialogues.

moreo coco

Moreo Coco

Moreno is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at University of East London. He is interested in the cognitive dynamic supporting language learning. You can look at this personal page here:


Alberto Di Domenico

Alberto is Associate Professor in Universita’ G. D’Annunzio Chieti, Italy. He is a cognitive psychologist with an interest in both Language and its ancillary functions. Alberto is an international recognised expert in Ageing mechanisms. He is an active collaborator of the lab with an on going project for a Life Span syntactic assessment.

nino grillo

Nino Grillo

Nino is Lecturer in Psycholinguistics at the University of York. He is combining theoretical knowledge of syntactic and semantic representations with experimental methods. He has proposed a very influential model for the investigating pathological language.

maria teresa guasti


Teresa is Professor of Developmental Linguistics at Milano Bicocca. She is an expert in language acquisition in atypical acquisition as well as linguistic theory in various domains.

david howard

David Howard

David  is both a speech and language therapist and a cognitive neuropsychologist at New Castle University. Our collaboration is on developing a comprehensive reading assessment for people with aphasia.



Francesca is Assistant Professor in Clinical Speech and Language Studies in Trinity College Dublin, and the coordinator of the Irish Research Network in Childhood Bilingualism and Multilingualism. In 2017 she founded Mother Tongues, to promote bilingualism for the community.

Theo Lim

Theo Lim

Theo research concentrates on Digital Tools (methods, techniques and strategies) including X-Reality Gamification and Serious Games. We are developing a project on enhacing language interaction in people with aphasia. 

karen martini

Karen Martini

Karen is a PhD student at the Universite de Geneva. She is part of the ERC-funded project SynCart.  Together we are developing a extensive syntactic assessment, testing subjects across the Life Span.

manuela mereu

Manuela Mereu

Manuela is a fluent speaker and writer of Sardinian. She has a genuine interest in promoting the language and acted as a first point of contact for the research.

Bláthnaid ní Ghréacháin


CEO of Gaeloideachas (formerly Gaelscoileanna) whose remit is to provide support and advocacy on Irish-medium education.

mateo obregon


Mateo is a Psycholinguist with an interest in methodologies and analyses for language data. He was responsible in modelling the linguistic profiles and producing the data reports.

bernadette orourke


Bernie is a sociolinguist based at Glasgow University. She has promoted the concept of New Speakers at European level, leading the New Speaker Cost Action. Together we are looking at perception of Gaelic speakers acquiring the language in medium education.

giuditta smith


Giuditta Smith is visiting our Lab aiming at testing bilingual children and adults with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Giuditta is a PhD student at Trento University Italy. She is interested in the development of clitic pronouns in atypical population and language profiles in ASD.

antonella sorace


Antonella is Professor of Developmental Linguistics at The University of Edinburgh. Her research brings together linguistics, experimental psychology and cognitive science. She is the Director of Bilingualism Matters.

maria vender


Maria is a Research Associate at Verona University working on Bilingualism and language disorders. She has published on dyslexia , children with DLD as well as bilingualism. She is part of Bilinguismo Conta, a service to educate on bilingualism.